Front Riser with Fixing Rail

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This front riser with intergrated front fixing rail is part of the Optimal+™ shelf management system and is essential for use with the systems pushers and dividers, specifically dividers with "NO STOP"
- Available in either a 40, 60 or 80mm height.
- Riser is available with both a magnetic base or adhesive tape for fixing to a shelf.
- Made from PVC

The 80mm front raiser is part of the 'Build Your Own Rollertrack' system. See below how it works:

Rollertrack™ is a great product and we want to bring it to as many stores as we can. For this reason we taken the most common size of 387mm shelf depth and created a "Build Your Own" Rollertrack™ system.

Step 1 - How many Rollers do I need?
- Measure the width of your shelf.
- Divide the shelf width by 80.4 to figure out how many of wide rollers (812364) you need.
- If required top the width up using the narrow rollers (item 812988)
- For example on a 1000mm wide shelf you would be able to fit 12 x 80mm and there is just enough space a 1 x 40mm if you wish.

Step 2 - How many dividers do I need?
- Decide how many products will be displayed on the shelf, you will need one divider per item, now take that number and add 1 divider for the end.

Step 3 - Finally, just add the front 80mm riser (863561) to hold it all together and if using flat shelf, add the angle provider (861951) and you're done!

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