5 Reasons why all UK food retailers should use bulk bins HL POS Centre

Like many British retailers, the challenges around various 'hot-topics' such as reducing food waste and packaging has become the ultimate challenge.

Bulk bins, like the ones that HL Display manufacture to support major retailers in the UK, are one way these challenges can be overcome.

Bulk Bins in retail store

Growing in popularity, this simple but effective item has been designed by creating a prominent category for bulk goods within the store.

But that's not the only reason, as this article explains.

Here are five reasons why retails should consider bulk bins in their store.

Remove plastic packaging

This is one of the hottest topics in retail at the moment. Plastic waste is having a horrifying effect on the environment and retailers are under pressure to do everything they can do reduce the amount of packaging they use and sell. Retailers should be offering their customers zero waste options.

Bulk Bins for major retail stores

Improve the customer experience

Customers want to shop in environments they find enjoyable and engaging. Not only do bulk bins fulfill this requirement by making shopping an interactive experience but it’s massively convenient for shoppers to be able to buy the exact amount of product they need

Reduce food waste

Another important contemporary issue. Clever retailers can tackle the food waste problem head-on through better stock management in the supply chain and easier sell-through in fixture.

Save on labour costs

Although bulk bins do require cleaning and maintenance, this investment can be outweighed by a reduction in daily labour dedicated to re-merchandising and product facing. On average bins require refilling twice a week and usually replenishing a bin with bulk product is quicker than decanting packs on to a shelf.

Be innovative

In today’s increasingly challenging market, it’s the retailers who implement new and innovative initiatives who grow ahead of those who sit back and don’t evolve.