Award winning fresh produce display with Sigma™ curved shelves

Growing sales and reducing waste in the fresh produce category.

Abundant display generate sales but also significant food waste or shrink. Shrink for produce is the second-highest by department contributing to 16% of total store shrink.*

SigmaTM is designed to create abundant display while focus on rotation. To increase sell-out is how you come to mastering waste and make profit. Curved shelves contribute to improve visual  appearance whilst restricting inventory on shelves to reduce shrink.

SigmaTM pod is made from aluminum which is one of the best conductors of temperature, drawing out and dissipating heat quicker than steel. It ensures effective cooler circulation and maximizes refrigeration air flow.

See our interview with Luke Coathup, store owner of The Green Grocer.

“The shelf life and quality of the product are much greater because of better air circulation,” Luke said. “As a result, we’ve seen zero waste, which is a massive plus for us.” In addition to a 30% uplift in sales, Luke is particularly excited about the buzz created in his store through the visually stunning display.

K supermarket, Finland

From our case study with K Supermarket in Valtari, Finland, SigmaTM has helped the store to increase sales by 10% within fresh produce department and influenced more sales to fresh meat and dairy as shoppers buy more when they come to the store fore fresh fruit and veggies.

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*Estimated fresh produce shrink and food loss in U.S. Supermarket, Agriculture 2015
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