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The beverages sector has continued to see a massive uplift in sales in convenience stores across the UK during 2020.

Despite people staying at home during lockdowns and economic uncertainty, new trends are emerging in the sector. With cold brew coffee and health and wellness drinks taking off, the category continues to be popular among the public.

According to research published in the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) Local Shop Report 2020, soft drinks and beverages accounted for 10% of total sales in independent stores during the previous year.

That's a 3% increase from 2019 and makes soft drinks and beverages the third most popular category in sales, behind Tobacco and E-cigarettes (32.7%) and Alcohol (20.1%).

As new trends emerge, so does the designs of new cans and bottles from savvy suppliers eager to catch shoppers' attention.

From classic cans to sleek cans, these packaging sizes' continues to change, making for effective retailing problematic for retailers.

Can sizes. Retail merchandising solutions for beverages

Front-facing for more significant market share

Efficient merchandising is essential in the beverage category. Products should always be front-facing, and in the case of smoothies and juices, solutions to support the' first-in-first-out principle is crucial.

And given the high share of impulse purchases, secondary displays and cross-merchandising of beverages can further drive sales.

Retail solutions for beverages by HL Display

HL Display has continued to respond to the changing market trends and challenges in the beverages section.

Retail solution for beverages using Optimal trays

Our Optimal™ range caters for both sleek cans (and same-sized bottles) as well as classic cans. It also offers automatic feeding with gravity options and has a new pusher house in both our new and existing trays, which means there is no need to use any additional backplates.

But it is not just our Optimal™ solution that HL Display offer. We offer a range of merchandising solutions to help create a better shopping experience within the beverages category.

To view our retail systems, browse some of our solutions below:


Part of the HL Display Optimal+™ system. This auto facing beverage tray can be used on 500ml bottles, 330ml cans or new slim and sleek variants.  

Optimal Range - HL Display ideal for retail solutions for beverages

Roller Track™

Roller Track™ is a shelf-ready gravity feed system that offers full visibility of products, allowing the shopper to make their choice quickly and easily. Gravity front-feeding also makes out-of-stocks detectable immediately and simplifies stock replenishment whether filling from the front or rear, which helps to reduce labour cost.

Roller Track for beverages. HL Display solutions for retail


Facer™ frames reduce the risk of overfilling and damaging bottles and cans while ensuring well-merchandised products and can be used in almost any category.  

Retail Solution for beverages. Facer from HL Display