The Refillery, Bulk Bins from HL Display

Scottish-based grocery store The Refillery are leading the way in tackling reducing plastic waste with a little help from HL Display.

Described as Edinburgh’s largest plastic-free and ethical grocery store, The Refillery welcomes approximately 1000 customers per week, stocking hundreds of products plastic-free.

Launched in 2019, The Refillery remain keen in ’taking back the high street’ with its concept of supporting the local economy, bringing communities together and sourcing local products.

For founder Kelly Wright, her background working for a large retailer opened her eyes to the amount of plastic wastage in retailers and set about trying to make a difference.

“The ethos of The Refillery is about trying to reduce that plastic waste,” admitted Kelly. “I have been guilty myself about throwing plastic straight in the bin, but we want to try and make a difference.

“Since the launch of our business in 2019, we have estimated to have saved approximately 300,000 pieces of plastic. But we want to do more and hopefully our franchise-business model allows us to do that.”

4e gravity bins from HL Display

To help with The Refillery’s vision, HL Display supplied their 4eBinTM and scoop bins which are used for items such as rice, pasta, coffee and wheat.

With environmental considerations in focus for many shoppers in the UK, packaging-free merchandising presents an opportunity to demonstrate commitment to create more sustainable stores.

It also addresses emerging consumer trends of personalisation and healthy snacking as shoppers can choose the exact product mix they would like to purchase.   

HL’s range of gravity and scoop bins have continued to grow in popularity among UK retailers, with our 4eBin range made partially from recycled plastic, forming part of our Sustainable Choice range.

“We originally spoke to a different organisation about some bulk bins,” Kelly continued. “But after being frustrated with their customer service, HL were on-hand and have been exceptional from start to finish.

“They assisted us right from the start, and they have helped make this project completely stress-free. The units are brilliant, but what made it for us was the customer service – it couldn’t be faulted.

“We now have over 150 product lines sold through our gravity and scoop bins and this has continued to evolve as we have move forward.

The Refillery’s success since their launch means their plans for further stores will soon come to fruition, including the launch of their first store in England in September.

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