Ideas on how to make your store COVID secure HL POS Centre

With UK Government relaxing lockdown procedures in the wake of Covid-19, retailers have begun to adapt to a rapidly changing situation.

With the food retail sector leading the way, non-essential retail stores are now following by quickly implementing significant changes to the way people shop.

At HL POS Centre, we are supporting our customers during these difficult times.

The Government's 'Working safely during COVID-19 in shops and branches' guidelines have thrown some new challenges to retailers. 

And to support this, we have expanded our assortment of Protection & Safety equipment so retailers can continue to provide their essential services to society.

Below we have highlighted some of the key points from the Government's guidelines and listed HL POS Centre potential solutions.

Complying with social distancing

Outside your store

With the UK currently enforcing the 2m social distancing rule, retailers have to calculate a maximum number of customers inside their stores.

Up and down the UK, retailers are now implementing queuing outside so they can have greater control of numbers inside their stores.

HL POS Centre can provide a great way to help inform customers of these changes with our A-Frame Pavement and Waterbase Sign (pictured).

These items can also provide essential information to your customers about changes to the way they will shop once they enter your store.



At the entrance of your store

Proper communication procedures will undoubtedly help keep customers and staff safe in-store.

And many businesses are using signage at entrances to highlight procedures when they enter the store.

The Government are not only informing customers to adhere to social distancing procedures. Other measures such as 'Encouraging to shop alone' need to be communicated early.

Lockable Snap Frames (pictured) and Light Weight Poster Frames can have a significant visual impact as customers enter the store and will make the guidance hard to miss.



Inside your store.

HL POS Centre aisle signage hangers to promote social distancing

For many stores, one widespread adaption to the way people shop is the implementation of a one-way system.

In their guidance, the UK Government has indicated 'Providing floor markings' as an excellent way to remind and educate customers.

HL POS Centre can provide this solution, but an additional method we are offering is the use of Aisle Signage Hangers (pictured above).

Aisle signage hangers can come with a variety of fixings, such as magnetic or fixed directly to shelf uprights, meaning visual impact can be more instant.

Improving hygiene in your store

At the entrance of your store
HL POS Centre Hygiene Station

One essential advice for stores to become COVID-secure is to take necessary steps in 'Encouraging customers to use hand sanitiser or handwashing facilities as they enter the premises.'

As well as cleaning surfaces, trolleys and workstations, the Government urges that customers are encouraged to use hand sanitisers to stop the spread of the virus.

Our hygiene station (pictured above) is a modular stand providing shoppers with hand sanitiser, disposable gloves, paper towels and more.

It can be placed at the entrance or throughout the store and keeps items organised.

The hygiene station is customisable, so items available to shoppers can be adapted depending on needs. Accessories such as glove box holders can also be attached directly to shelves.

Creating a safe working environment

Inside your store.

There are areas within most retail outlets where maintaining a 2m distance will not be possible.

The introduction of sneeze screens or sneeze guards in areas such as checkouts (including self-checkouts) are now a common sight.

HL POS Centre's screens create a mechanical barrier between store staff and shoppers and shield from contamination.

Either installed on the checkout or between cashiers, it is a simple but effective solution that can be fully customised to meet your needs.

HL POS Centre can also deliver a range of alternatives such as Counter Top or Hanging Safety Screens (pictured above).

Providing PPE Equipment

HL POS Centre Face Visors for retail sector

HL POS Centre can provide retailers with face visor (pictured above). Although the Government doesn't make these requirements as a necessity for store staff, the assurances it can bring to some means they are a popular item.

Our face visors are transparent that protects from droplets and enables staff to move around rather than being stationed behind a fixed screen.

Furthermore, it functions as a reminder to avoid touching the face subconsciously. Fully transparent, the facial shield can be adjusted to size and is suitable to wear over glasses.

Can we help you

If you need any further advice on how to make your store COVID compliant, then please don't hesitate to contact one of our advisers. 

Visit the Contact Us section of the site, and we will respond as soon as possible.

*All information above correct at time of publication.