Pusher on cross bar - Next™


Next™ is a shelf-less pusher tray system sitting on crossbars which allows more products to be displayed and is suitable for sub-zero temperature. 

 next pusher at freezer

Key Benefits

  • Automated front-facing ensures less time required to manage the fixture
  • Efficient space usage
  • Improved product and price visibility

next pusher for pizza

Next™ pusher-system provides maximum flexibility

- Reduce shrinkage in respecting the FIFO process
- Choice of pusher houses and spring strength
- Price labels and lighting can be added
- Suitable for coolers, freezers and ambient shelves
- Different front stoppers are available 
- Expandable wire pusher tray fits variety of products
- Standard or heavy-duty crossbar with euro brackets which is compatible for most gondolas on the market

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