Which shelf management system could fit your retail environment? HL POS Centre

The costs of empty shelves in supermarkets, or for any retailer, can be extremely high. Out-of-stock items can force customers to go elsewhere, leading to the permanent loss of sales from your store.

Creating the ’picture perfect’ shelf display cannot be underestimated. When a customer enters a retail store, catching their attention during their first impression is crucial – especially when it comes to whether they will make a purchase.

HL POS Centre consistently look at ways in which we can help retailers with their shelf automation and shelf management requirements. From keeping shelves stocked to help showcase the ‘Wow’ factor needed to create that great first impression, we have a wide range of ideas.

Whether it is for a visually pleasing fruit & vegetable section or if you want to make sure your confectionary area is remaining fully stocked, HL POS Centre has the solution.

So how can we help?

Keeping your shelves fully stocked with low maintenance

Multivo Max (Click the links below for further information on each product)

Multivo™ Max ensures well-merchandised shelves and efficient space usage while saving time on daily shelf maintenance. Multivo™ Max is a wire metal pusher tray for customers who want to keep their shelves stocked and achieve perfect front-facing, high flexibility and efficient space usage. The system allows keeping shelves perfectly merchandised and provides operational benefits as less time is needed to keep the shelf neatly organised.

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Roller Track™

Roller Track™ is a unique, low maintenance gravity feed system. It offers a full range of visibility to shoppers while saving labour cost to retailers. The system allows products to be fronted via gravity or with the help of pushers as they are taken from the shelf.  Roller Track™ is a set of rollers that when placed on the shelf, makes the product roll to the shelf front. The rollers can be used as individual tracks or together as a sheet, covering the full shelf surface.

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Installation video - RollerTrack™ on angled shelf

Clear and tidy shelf segmentation


Optimal Shelf Management system for retail

Clear shelf segmentation ensures attractive shelves while reducing the time staff must spend keeping the shelf in order. The Optimal™ shelf divider system has been developed through years of experience to reduce time spent keeping shelves well-organised. It ensures an appealing product presentation and can be adapted to fit many packaging formats. Optimal™ is easy to install and adjust. With the smart back rail, the dividers can be adjusted from the front. There is no need to click the divider at the back, just hook it onto the back-rail and fix it to the front grip.

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Ideas for drinking bottles & cans


Facer - Manual Retail solution for shelf management.

Facer™ is a simple and easy solution to organise shelves. Each lane of bottles is maintained in a width adjustable steel frame all hidden behind a front riser which can be branded. This is a smart and easy solution to organise shelves throughout trading hours. Facer™ frames reduce the risk of overfilling and damaging bottles while ensuring well-merchandised products and can be used in almost any category.

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Creating a ’WOW’ Factor


Sigma - Fruit and Veg shelf display for retail

Creating an instant impression in an area such as fruit and veg is a challenge. Sigma merchandising systems help you create stunning visual displays and massive presentations to showcase more variety of produce without using the large display inventory that can be lost through shrink. Sigma is a range of merchandising display solutions for fresh produce. Each kit is designed for easy assembly. Aluminium shelving ensures effective cooler circulation and maximises refrigeration airflow. The anodized surface is quick to clean and refill, creating amazing visual displays.

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Creating a transparent experience

Gravity Bins

Gravity Bins for retail

Customers’ ability to choose the exact amount they wish to purchase is one key reason for today’s success of bulk merchandising. Shoppers’ awareness of environmental issues is also increasing steadily. Bulk bins not only help to create visibility and let shoppers choose their exact product mix, but they also help to reduce unnecessary packaging waste Gravity Bins (which include our 3eBin and 4eBin) are designed for cleaning without removing it from the shelf. As well as enhancing and differentiating the store image, our bins will reduce packaging and waste. A kind solution for both profit and planet.

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This isn’t all that HL POS Centre can deliver. Our website is full of ideas and solutions that we can tailor to your retail environment.