Budgens unveil new look store thanks to HL Display

David Knight’s Budgens in Hassocks, West Sussex, has been given a major overhaul thanks to the help of HL Display. 

And, after nearly a decade without a major refit, it's certainly hasn't disappointed their loyal customers. 

The new-look store has an industrial feel to it, something David wanted to introduce as he felt it fit the area of West Sussex it’s based in.

Along with HL Display bulk bins, the store proudly has a new Sigma display along with vast amount of Multivo Max, Optimal pushers and dividers and Next in its confectionery display.

David admits that the store design has been a huge challenge, but he wasn’t going to allow the COVID-19 pandemic stop his vision of the store.

“I’ve been designing this for two years and I wanted to do something completely different with it,” explained David. “I did receive some resistance from Budgens but we stuck to our guns on this and now they love it.

“We wanted it to be brought into the modern area. Hassocks village has changed since we’ve had it and there’s a much younger element to it now and we wanted the store to reflect that. Hence the polished concrete floor effect and neon lighting.”


The refurbishment has seen David adapt new ideas to his store, including the addition of packaging free lines.

David’s store purchased an array of gravity and scoop bins from HL Display and the installment has been an instant success.

“Sales have been phenomenal through our new zero waste area of the store," continued David.

“We’ve have had to do a whole second order within the first week of some of the loose products.

“We are seeing a reduction in some of the pre-packed variants that we are doing loose and, essentially, that means that we can hold less packaged grocery range.”

With such a varied offering, David felt it was easier to ‘zone’ the store so shoppers could focus on their mission better.


David added: “We’ve tried to define little areas so the bulk food was about sustainability which was important to me.

“Then the food to go area (which was kitted out in Glide Mat) is very teenager led. You try and zone it where you can.

“But we have tried to create ‘sexy zones’ so your eyes are drawn in quickly and our customers have a brilliant shopping experience.”

The Hassock’s store was the second store that David Knight required HL’s assistance with.

Earlier in 2020, HL DIsplay played a major role in David’s other store in Henfield - approximatelty five miles away.

That store saw the introduction of Sigma for all its fresh produce range as well as a number of other solutions, including Multivo Max, RollerTrack and Optimal.