Multivo Max-imise shoppers attention for Budgens store.

It can be hard for retailers to stop shoppers in their tracks and seriously grab their attention.

In today’s cluttered stores, retailers need to be savvy with their store layout and how they present their stock.

One way that HL Display have been encouraging their customers to tackle this problem head-on is through our pusher tray solution.

Grabbing shoppers attention

Multivo™ Max reduces the time staff spend on managing stock by automating the facing-up of the products throughout the day. Also refilling is much quicker.

The system allows to keep shelves perfectly merchandised and provides operational benefits as less time is needed to keep the shelf neatly organised.

Dividers can be adjusted, meaning Multivo™ Max offers flexibility to stores by catering to different types of packaging and sizes.

Store owner David Knight was so impressed with Multivo™ Max, he kitted out his Knight’s Budgens store with HL’s solution – with a particular focus on a challenge fresh produce aisle.

The store, based is Hassocks, Sussex, was David’s second store undergoing a refit. He was keen to improve store presentation by implementing ‘tried and tested’ solutions from his first store and provide a better customer experience.

Multivo Max - Simplifying daily shelf maintenance

He noticed a challenge within fresh produce that he wanted to create a visual appealing display. With David turning to our Sigma kit for his loose-packaged items, Multivo™ Max was his number one choice for the packaged range.

“The challenge was two-fold, explained David. “We wanted to improve our stock rotation, but also to create a better visual presentation across the store – especially within fresh produce.

“Before our refit, we had used a lot of pusher systems from various places, but for us Multivo™ Max is probably the best in the industry for this type of set-up.

“What we have managed to achieve with Multivo™ Max is to have a strong fresh food section for most of the day because we are reducing the labour time for keeping things tidy.

“The primary reasons weren’t to save on labour. However, at 2pm each day we do a ’rumble’ where we move products to the front of the store. We can now do the first aisle (containing fresh produce) of the store in under seven minutes and that is a real hit for the team.”

Multivo Max in David Knight's Budgens store, used for Pizza

Multivo Max was a real winner for David’s store that he implemented the solution among several food categories, including frozen pizzas (pictured above), cold cuts (ham, bacon etc), and dairy products.

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