Clear shelf segmentation with 100% recycled plastic dividers

The Optimal™ shelf divider system has been developed through years of experience to reduce time spent keeping shelves well-organised. It ensures an appealing product presentation and can be adapted to fit many packaging formats.

Black dividers in our Optimal™ shelf merchandising series are made from 100% recycled PET. To keep your shelves neat and tidy and make a more sustainable store. We also offer transparent dividers which are partly made from recycled PET. black dividers on shelves

Optimal™ is easy to install, adjust and works with all types of shelving. Slow motion pushers optimizes space and are suitable for double- and triple-stacking of light and fragile products. The pusher spring feeding force adjusts to weight and packaging to achieve the perfect front-facing result. The push feed is warrantied up to 10,000 re-stocks.

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