Enviro-2 Ticket Rail helps reduce environmental impact

Enviro-2 Ticket Rail 

Getting into a more sustainable business while improving operation efficiency at the same time. Try our recommended Enviro-2 ticket rail ! 

Reduce environmental impact
Enviro-2 ticket rail is a two-part design datastrip which could reduce the amount of plastic being thrown away by up to 60%. Manufactured in 2 parts, only the front part needs to be thrown away when damaged or broken. The back part remains on the shelf and can be reused again and again. 

Potential cost saving
By only having to replace the front part of the ticket rail when damaged or broken, this will result in a cost saving for the shop.  


To know more about our easy-to-install Enviro-2 ticket rail and HL sustainable choice range, please click here. Contact us at sales@poscentre.co.uk to purchase.