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For a business to function smoothly, organisation is key. It’s imperative to have a well organised storage system to ensure a clean and hassle-free environment.

However, for tradespeople such as mechanics and electricians, finding a  storage system for tools and equipment can be difficult to find.

The Interbin®  storage system can be used on shelf but the range also includes a range size for wall mountable Louvre Panels and freestanding racks too.

HL Display’s Interbin® storage bin range has been a UK manufactured brand  for over 40-years and is known for quality and strength. It’s a solution that is perfect for organisations such as manufacturing, aerospace, warehousing and medical equipment.

Interbin’s design has been developed and refined over many years, with features not found on our competitors’ products. It’s an ingenious design that is as tough, flexible, and versatile as you need it to be - and highly user friendly too.

Interbin - a value for money storage bin

Our Storage bins have been manufactured in the UK since 1976, our system represents a sound, long term investment with excellent value for money, lifetime guarantee and range of accessories that sets Interbin® way ahead of its competitors in the market.

When looking for a storage system, cheap up-front prices can be misleading. What is important is that the components or system performs flawlessly for its entire life.

Breakages and stacking failure, for instance, can be both dangerous and expensive. Buying cheap often works out more expensive in the long run. Furthermore, Interbin® give you a lifetime guarantee with our bins.


- Injection moulded in high grade polypropylene

Covered by the Interbin® Lifetime guarantee

- Reinforced side supports

- Textured flat base for improved surface grip

- Available in four colours and transparent.

- Range of divider and dust cover options

- Made in high grade polypropylene.

The Interbin® system offers unequalled quality and strength, all competitively priced and with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE

Below is our full Interbin® range. We also offer several storage kits, which are a quick and easy option for tried and tested bin configurations.

For more information on our storage kits call 0845 070 4211 where a member of our team is ready to help.

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