Make refill work for your store !

Retailers are faced with the continually changing demands of consumers. As communities experience a higher cost of living, inflation impacts how and what consumers buy. More retailers are realising the economic potential of bulk since more shoppers prefer to choose the quantity and product mix they want. A survey shows that about 74% of consumers want more store refill and reuse options*.


Many convenience store owners have added refill stations to their stores to attract new customers. In a recent retail news of Better Retailing#, Peter Patel, owner of Costcutter, Brockley introduced a Zero Waste Refill Hub to his stores in October 2023. He is making a steady 35-40% margin on refills and the station is attracting repeat customers successfully. 

Are you still hesitating to add a refill station to your shop because you do not know how to get started? Gary Kemp, founder of Zero Waste Refill Hub and our partner in packaging-free consultation, offers 8 tips in his interview with Better Retailing for getting started.

  1. Allocate around two meters of retail space for a refill fixture. On average, there will be 40 products that sell in volume.
  2. Locate your fixture near fruit and vegetables or at the back of the store on a wall bay that provides maximum visibility.
  3. Find a member of staff to champion the area.
  4. Communicate the benefits of a refill station to customers through social media.
  5. Ensure that staff are well trained on keeping the area clean and showing customers how to use scales.
  6. Consider expanding lines to include liquid refills or eco-branded products.
  7. Establish the retail area you wish to allocate to it. Start with snacking or confectionery lines and build up from there.
  8. Manage stock and ensure good stock control.

#Click here to read the news of Better Retailing on P32-33.

* Source: YouGov for Deloitte, a survey of more than 2,000 UK adults aged 18+ between 5 and 8 March 2021

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