M&S turn to HL Display to improve sustainable shopping HL POS Centre
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Another major retailer is discovering the benefits of HL Display bulk bins following the successful rollout at a new food store.

Marks and Spencer (M&S) have used a mixture of HL Display’s 4eBins™ and Scoop Bins for their array of dried food and coffee lines at the opening of a new sustainability store in Staines.

But, not only did HL Display supply the bins, we were delighted to offer M&S a bespoke solution designing and building the entire display.

M&S wanted a modular design that would make it easier to implement in different store size allocations.

Coffee beans used in HL Display bulk bins for sustainability store for M&S

HL Display help in sustainable shopping

The popularity of M&S Foodhalls continues to grow across the UK and this new sustainability store is the third in their commitment to become a more sustainable organisation.

The opening of the Staines store follows successful sustainable stores based at Hedge End and Manchester, both of which contain HL Display Bulk Bins. All three branches are part of the retailer’s ’Fill You Own’ concept.

Cutting back plastic

Customers can cut back on how much plastic they use with more than 50 lines of refillable grocery essentials. The range of food on offer includes pasta, rice, cereal, confectionery and frozen fruit.

HL Display bulk bins with cereal at M&S Sustainability Store

Those hoping to shop in stores simply need to bring their own storage containers and fill up on what they need.

Since 2018, the retailer has removed 2,000 tonnes of plastic and stopped using black plastic - which is difficult to recycle - in stores. This includes a plastic take-back scheme which has been rolled out to 16 stores.

With the scheme, customers can return plastic from any retailer that can't be recycled, and the stores will help turn it into playground equipment.

M&S Food’s director of food technology Paul Willgoss commented: “As we continue testing and learning from 'Fill Your Own', it’s clear that demand for refillables remains strong.

M&S Sustainability Store, HL Display bulk bins.

"We know families particularly enjoy shopping the concept as a fun activity. So our new store in the popular Staines shopping centre is the ideal next location for 'Fill Your Own'.

"Most importantly, our customers care about the issue of plastic and this initiative is just one part of our plan to help them reduce, reuse and recycle – because we know our actions today will help to protect the planet tomorrow.”

Not only do HL Display 4eBins allow shoppers to choose the exact product mix and quantity they would like to purchase, but they are also able to avoid unnecessary package waste. Even better, our 4eBins are all made from recycled plastic.