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Being seen and standing out in an impulse-driven category can bring some complex challenges – especially when it comes to bagged confectionery and snacks.

For a Nisa Local store based in Cambridgeshire, finding a solution for bagged sweets that created a strong customer experience whilst also driving sales was an answer that hadn’t been forthcoming.

That was until they came knocking on the door of HL Display. A 2019 store refit for Ash’s Shop, owned by Amit Puntambekar, allowed them to investigate the problem and resolve the issue of replenishing bagged sweets easier.

Wanting to replace a tired looking area of the store containing bagged confectionery, which was displayed using Slatwall hooks, HL Display recommended our Next solution.

Retail Shelving Solution

Next is a shelf-less pusher tray system sitting on crossbars which allows more products to be displayed. The solution is automated front-facing and ensures 24% less time required to manage the fixture.

“The main benefit of the Next system is consistently having the products ‘faced up’, whilst also creating a healthier customer experience,”
explained Amit.

“The sleek design of the Next system highlights the individual SKU’s in comparison to the Slatwall hook, and this has made life easier for our customers.

“During our refit, one of the challenges I wanted to resolve was to reduce the amount of time our staff spent on the shop floor replenishing shelves.

“A huge benefit of the Next system is that replenishment is easier and quicker as we can hook the pusher back and pop a case within a couple of seconds. It has reduced the time my staff replenish stock by about four to seven hours a week.”

With good feedback from customers and staff obtained, it was whether an increase in sales would materialise and, as Amit explained, results have certainly been rewarding.

He continued: “We have seen an 11% growth in unit sales, comparing September to November (before and after Next implementation).

“When you combine the increase in sales with the reduction in damaged stock and shelf edge labels (SEL), which was a consistent problem with the hooks, then this investment has been worthwhile.”

With Next, there is a solution for almost every need and fits many categories, including chilled and frozen foods, bagged salad and non-food items.

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