HL bag a solution for crisps with Multivo™ Max HL POS Centre
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Simplifying mundane tasks is something work environments crave. Solutions to make errands easier is what HL Display has been providing to the retail estate for many years.

And when it comes to daily shelf maintenance and stock rotation, it’s a job that has vital importance, but one that tends to eat into massive periods throughout the day.

In a dynamic and competitive grocery sector, retailers are continuing to find new solutions for fast-moving inventory and easier ways to control stock levels.

For convenience store Raven’s Budgens in Abridge, Essex they wanted a solution that provided a revamp of their bagged crisp display which was often looking untidy and unloved.

Bagged crisps is a complex category for retail display. With an array of different shapes, sizes, and weight, store owner Goran Raven needed a solution to meet the demanding sector.

Retail solution for bagged confectionery and snacks

Before and After pictures of Multivo Max in Ravens Budgens store - HL POS Centre

HL Display recommended Multivo™ Max, a wire metal pusher tray for customers who want to keep their shelves stocked and achieve perfect front-facing, high flexibility and efficient space usage.

The system keeps shelves perfectly merchandised, and provides operational benefits as less time is needed to keep the shelf neatly organised.

The rail is mounted in the front or the back of the shelf and planogram changes can be easily done. Dividers can be adjusted from 65-120, 110-250 or 210-355 mm which makes Multivo™ Max easily adaptable to different packaging types and sizes.


Bagging a success for snacks

Talking about the success in his store, Goran explained: “The biggest challenge we had was maintaining a frequently untidy display.

“Because of the different bag sizes, finding a solution that was quick and easy to install and implement was what we needed.

Multivo™ Max has immediately improved better visibility of the fixture. I can see the out of stocks clearly, over-faced products, alignment with pricing, but most of all it looks neat and tidy and will do all the time!

“Sales in the category have exploded and we haven’t received any negative feedback from customers.”

The success on their bagged crisps saw Goran expand his range of stock using Multivo™ Max. Several months after the first install, Goran implemented the same solution for his pizza and cooked meat range.

Multivo™ Max works on a variety of categories. Its versatility means it is effective in ready meals, cold cuts, bagged salad, frozen ready meals and pizza.

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Case study