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There is a saying that shoppers’ shop with their eyes’, which is undoubtedly true for customers buying wine.

Ask any wine retailer, and they will tell you that visual merchandising is critical. With the front and back of wine labels sharing information, even the shape and size of wine bottles can be equally important than the desired taste.

The alcoholic category continues to see growth – especially during a year where more people are staying at home during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

However, the wine sector continues to pose problems for retailers. How do they keep stock seemingly replenished and attract customers with a good, visual, front-facing appearance?

For Raven’s Budgens in Abridge, Essex they came seeking an answer to that solution via HL Display. A social media post on LinkedIn prompted store owner Goran Raven to get in touch and discover further information about our simple solution.

HL’s retail solution for wine bottles

Facer is a smart and easy solution that organises shelves quickly throughout trading hours. Facer frames reduce the risk of overfilling and damaging bottles while ensuring well-merchandised products and can be used in almost any category.

Each lane of bottles or cans is maintained in a width-adjustable steel frame hidden behind the front riser. The frames are placed directly on the shelf and work whichever way they are installed.

To front-face, staff would lift the frame from behind the riser, pull the frame forward, dragging the products to the front of the shelf and slide the frame back into place behind the front riser.

Delivering results with Facer

It is a solution so simple that Goran has been impressed with the results during the first year since installation.

“Our challenge was two-fold,” explains Goran. “We wanted to make replenishing easier - especially in a sector which is notoriously tricky to maintain.

“However, I am a firm believer that shoppers ‘shop with their eyes’ and visual merchandising is so critical in this area.

“We are saving multiple hours in time, bringing the stock to the front of the shelves. It used to take staff 30/40 minutes bringing wine bottles forward, and we are now managing to do it in just five.

“We are also noticing customers spending longer looking at our display, which has ultimately resulted in a huge increase in sales throughout 2020.”

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